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12422294 1167568139929002 2057162450 oSIX CHICK MINIMUM TO SHIP.

$50.00 to ship to lower 48.​​

Here at Stagecoach Poultry we always have the birds and chicks health and safety FIRST.

Meaning, we will only ship when weather allows.It's our call.

We know you work hard for your money and are very excited to receive your birds and we want you to enjoy them for years to come.

​Healthy birds and chicks are happy birds and chicks.

We offer a 24 hour live bird guarantee after delivery. Meaning, if birds arrive dead at post office or in your possession before 24 hours, we ask for pictures of said dead bird for refund. But if extras are sent and you still have paid amount of live birds no refund will be paid . (That is why there are extras.) We will only ship express . And only in the Lower 48 states. If your state requires a permit to ship to you we have to know. Please do your due diligence as we are not responsible for any chicks shipped to states who do not allow such.

If you have an outstanding invoice with Stagecoach Poultry we will be unable to process any orders for you until it is paid. (Does not include deposits for upcoming hatchings)

At this time the StageCoach refund policy is for hatchery credit ONLY!  We understand that issues may happen in shipping or communication, as such we will issue any refunds as hatchery credit only, to be used at any time.

We at Stagecoach Poultry reserve the right to refuse a sell poultry to anyone as we deem necessary .

Thank you!

Price List

  • Gold Laced Orpingtons

    Created in the 1970s this color has become one of the most popular of all time.
  • Blue Buff Columbian Orpingtons

    A very popular choice for garden birds and they are a slightly more prolific layer than some of the standard varieties
  • Chocolate Mottled Orpington

    Chocolate Mottled Orpingtons are a striking variation. They might also be known as spangled.
  • Lavender Mottled Orpingtons

  • Isabel Orpingtons


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